S1 Ep. 1: The Party Planning Committee

 Daughter Maya Henry’s $6 million Quinceanera party last year, featuring famous artists like Pitbull and Nick Jonas, thrust the Henry family into the spotlight. How do you top that? With an even more over-the- top party for son Thomas’ 18th birthday!  Performers Migos and Diplo are on Thomas’ wish list (Grandma Teresa disapproves) but other than that, Mom Azteca can’t get him to help plan his own party…which is only a month away!  

S1 Ep. 2: Money Shooters & Girls Hanging from the Ceiling

 With Thomas’s birthday bash just weeks away, Mom Azteca and daughter Maya take control of the party planning, bringing in a renowned Maxim and Playboy party planner to create a “ratch” theme of cars, guns and hot girls.  Grandma Teresa makes the family a traditional Mexican meal and then accompanies Azteca, Maya and family go-to- guy Ruben for a quick trip to Houston to check on Thomas’ surprise birthday gift…a Ferrari. But when they get the bill for a car, it’s a surprise of a different kind!

S1 Ep. 3: You Can’t Eat Migos

Check out this great video Preparations for Little Thomas’s party are amping up. Tom and Azteca check on progress at the venue, Hotel Discotheque, a popular San Antonio nightclub that’s being transformed into a “Ratchet Great Gatsby” Hollywood set with a soundstage fit for performers Migos, Diplo and J Balvin. 

S1 Ep. 4: Turn ALL the Way Up

It’s finally Little Thomas’s 18th birthday party! The Henrys present Thomas with his first surprise birthday gift, a one-of-a-kind Ferrari Spyder. J Balvin warms up the crowd at the party as the Henry family arrives on the red carpet decked out in hot-off- the-runway Versace. Celebrities like Lance Bass, Ja Rule and Ashanti are in attendance as Diplo begins his set. It’s shaping up to be the best birthday ever for Little Thomas…until the clock hits 3 AM and Migos still hasn’t arrived. 

S2 Ep. 1: A Sh!tty Christmas Part 1

 It's a very Henry Christmas! After some frustrating culinary adventures in London, Uncle Chris learns he can't hang with his nephew at the club. And when Azteca catches Little Thomas opening his presents before the big day...you won't believe the prank that the Henry women come up with to teach him a lesson. 

S2 Ep. 2: A Sh!tty Christmas Part 2

If poop makes you squeamish, don't worry! We've also uploaded a feces-free version of this episode. OR watch this original, extended version that was too explicit for the censors! The Henry ladies plan a Christmas prank on Little Thomas after Azteca discovers him opening his presents early. Some unexpected guests crash a men's outing at the gun range and when the family finally exchanges their gifts, a Secret Santa delivers a shocking surprise.   


 Los Henrys head to New York to attend the star-studded Republic Records  Grammy after-party. Maya's stylist picks out the perfect dress for the  event while Big Tom and Little T get iced out at Pristine Jewelers. But  Azteca's mind's on the future – she hopes to entice the kids to leave Da  Crib University for college in the Big Apple. Meanwhile, Abuelita  enjoys some me time back at the casa. 


Big Tom shops for an outfit to wear to the Grammy party during an  exclusive fitting session at Versace's flagship New York store. Azteca  and Maya have a three-hour glam session with Victoria's Secret hair and  makeup stylists and at the Republic Records Grammy after-party, the  Henry family rubs shoulders with celebrities like Nick Jonas, Shawn  Mendes and Hailee Steinfeld. But Big Tom loses it when Little Thomas is  late for the private plane back to Texas.   

S2 ep. 5: Super Bad Commercial

 Maya and Azteca do some mother/daughter bonding beside the runway at  Fashion Week in New York. Meanwhile, back in Texas, Tom has to be  stopped from airing a questionable Super Bowl commercial for his law  firm. After a focus group gives the ad terrible ratings, Little Thomas  bets his dad that even HE could make a better law commercial.  

S2 ep. 6: Super Bad Commercial Part Zoo

 Little Thomas and his boyz shoot their own law commercial. Meanwhile,  Maya volunteers at the Monarch Butterfly Festival at the San Antonio Zoo  and the whole fam joins her for a VIP tour. Abuelita samples hippo  food, everyone gets to play tug-of-war with a lion and Azteca gets  pooped on by a spiny leaf bug. Then, stay tuned for the world premiere  of Little T's commercial!   

S2 ep. 7: Garage Sale Part 1

 The Henry ladies come up with an ingenious plan to raise money for an  animal shelter in Corpus Christi – a Los Henrys garage sale! The family  has 7 storage lockers full of closet overflow but the real challenge  might be getting the boys to part with any of their stuff. 

S2 ep. 8: Garage Sale Part 2

 Garage Sale Day is finally here! You'll be surprised by which Henry  family member is able to hustle up the most cash for the animal shelter.  Meanwhile, Abuelita basks in the glow of her fans and Big Tom meets a  potential new employee. But first, Maya and Ruben have a cookie baking  contest that leaves both complaining of foul play. 

S2 Ep 9: Track Day Part 1

Tom and Azteca have a special date night in New York...with a very special third wheel. Abuelita reveals a private struggle she's been going through for most of the last year. And as Los Henrys prep for a day of racing at a Formula 1 racetrack, can Little Thomas handle the responsibility of transporting nine of Big Tom's most expensive cars to Austin?

S2 Ep. 10: Track Day Part 2

Track Day is finally here! Los Henrys take Big Tom's personal collection of exclusive sports cars -- including a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, a Porsche and a Maclaren -- to a Formula 1 track in Austin for a day of racing and family bonding. After a little coaching from professional drivers Filipe Albuquerque and Gustavo Yacaman, Little Tom tries to outrun his Dad. Meanwhile, Maya has a not-so-secret admirer and Abuelita burns up the track in her trusty little Honda.

S2 Ep. 11: Big Tom's 50-Something Birthday Part 1

If you thought Little Thomas's birthday party was wild, wait until you see what Los Henrys have planned for Big Tom's 50-something bash! Cardi B, DJ Khaled and Austin Mahone headline an epic weekend celebration in Miami for Big Tom. But first, Little T and Abuelita pregame with Big Tom on a 100-foot yacht while Maya and Azteca hit the Big Apple for Dolce & Gabbana's first-ever New York fashion show.

S2 ep.12: Big Tom's 50-Something Birthday Part 2

Big Tom's birthday was so lit that it made the pages of Life & Style magazine! Go behind the scenes of the exclusive event that featured dinner with award-winning Miami chef Michael Schwartz; celebrity guests like artist Alec Monopoly and Kardashians star Jonathan Cheban; and recording artists DJ Khaled, Austin Mahone and Cardi B. And don't miss Cardi B revealing a HUGE secret to the Henrys one night before telling the rest of the world on SNL!